Playing Poker in Texas

Is it Legal to play poker in the Texas state?

The Texas State has fair laws on gambling. Most residents of Texas play the Omaha and Texas Hold’em poker. Generally the Texas laws do not allow the gambling with casino games; the laws are however fairer when it comes to playing poker games. There are several conditions which you are required to meet under the state laws to if you are to play poker games legally.

Is playing poker at home legal in Texas State?

According to the Texas Penal Code section 47.2, it is a criminal offense for person to play and bet for money or another thing of value for any game which is played by use of cards. This means that playing poker games in the Texas state is illegal! There are however good news; the same statute makes it legal to play games with cards and make bets if the following three conditions are met.

• If you play the games and gamble in private place. The act does not define public place but it is understood to mean a place in which one is not within the view of many people. Is it legal for many people to play poker, bet and gamble in private? This is not clear as per the Texas gambling laws

• No fulltilt com player suffers from economic loses or gains. This means that the players should not be for money or anything of value if one wins or loses.

• The game must be won based on skill and luck and the probability of winning or losing should be the same for all the players.

A fourth condition which is implied in all state laws is that all the players must be adults as per the state laws.

If you meet the above conditions, you can legally play poker, wager and bet in Texas.

Are there casinos in the Texas state?

The answer to this question is NO. Under the Texas State laws, it is illegal and a criminal offence to operate casinos in the state. There are therefore no casinos and you have to look for alternative places and means of playing poker. Section 47.03 of the Texas Penal Code provides that it is an offense to operate or in nay other manner participate in the earnings of a place used for gambling.

Section 47.01 of the Texas Penal code defines gambling place to include any room, real estate or other property which is used for the making or settlement of bets, bookmaking or playing devices of gambling or conducting lottery. This law is absolute and expressly outlaws all live casinos or the equivalent of casinos like card rooms and card clubs.

Is it legal to play poker online in Texas?

The Texas statutes on gambling do not mention playing of poker online specifically. There are also no records of persons who have been prosecuted for playing poker over the internet. The law is however very clear that it is illegal to own and operate online poker room. It is also illegal to operate or own an online poker room anywhere in the United States.

Though it is illegal to play poker online many people do it in Texas and the law enforcement authorities do not make arrests and prosecution for such offences. Incase of arrest, there are few or no defenses for playing poker online in Texas so take care.